Dick Wolf Net Worth 2022, Age, Family, And His Personal Life

dick wolf net worth

Dick Wolf Net Worth

NameDick Wolf
Net Worth$600 Million Dick Wolf Net Worth
Age74 Years Old
Date of BirthDecember 20, 1946
ProfessionFilm Producer
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorBrown
Birth CityNew York City, New York

Who Is Dick Wolf?

Wolf is an American television producer, director and writer. He’s a prime example of someone who made it big and can inspire others who are interested in a similar career. Two of his older shows, Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit are currently in their 18th season! Dick Wolf net worth is the result of his dedication and hard work.

To date, he has had a big part in many popular TV shows including Law & Order and NYPD Blue. He is best known for being one of the founders of the Law and Order television series which ran from 1990 to 2010. Dick Wolf is a master of storytelling, and his shows have captivated audiences for decades.

Personal Life of Dick Wolf


Dick Wolf was born on December 20, 1946, in New York City, New York, USA. He went on to live a long and productive life, but his early life was far from easy. Coming from a poor family, young Dick had bad luck with sports and politics from an early age. Dick Wolf is the son of advertising executive George Wolf. Wolf’s father was an advertising executive, and Wolf’s mother was a homemaker. They moved to the suburbs of Washington, D.C., where they had their first child Jane, who died at 7 months old. Then they had George, who became a journalist and bestselling writer by the age of 23.


At dick wolf education, we pride ourselves on our dedication to the principles of American culture, which include a respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Dick Wolf attended Saint David’s School in New York City before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1969. Dick Wolf earned his Bachelor’s degree in English from Phillips Academy and went on to earn a law degree from The Gunnery.


Dick wolf is one of the most renowned actors of all time. He has played many different characters in his career and has even had several marriages. In this article, we will list all of the marriages that he had so you can figure out if he is married to any famous actresses currently in Hollywood.

Susan Scranton: Dick Wolf married Susan Scranton in 1970, but their marriage lasted only a few years. Mr. Wolf and his wife have two children together: Peter Wolf, the TV writer and producer who works on “Law & Order,” and Jenni Olsen, a photographer and filmmaker. In the early years of their marriage, they were happy together. This married couple was together till they grew differences,and they were happily divorced in 1983.

Christine Marburg: Dick Wolf married his second wife in 1983 with Christine Marburg, a few months after he officially split from his first wife. Dick Wolf and his wife, Christine Wolf, started their relationship in the early 1980s. They were married for more than 25 years and Christine Wolf left Dick to pursue a career as a screenwriter and director.

Noelle Lippman: After two divorces, Wolf found love again when he married Noelle Lippman on April 5, 2006. Together they were a power couple in the New York City social scene. This was his third marriage and her second. They remained together for twelve years until their divorce was finalized on May 26, 2019.


Sarina, Elliot, and Olivia are the children of Dick Wolf. They were born during his marriage to Christine Marburg (1983-2005), and the relationship ended in divorce. Noelle and Dick have two kids, the two are the proud parents of Zoe, a beautiful little girl who loves ballet and dancing, and Rex, who is so energetic that he is always smiling.


  • Actor
  • Fil Producer
  • TV Producer
  • TV Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Program Creator


Dick Wolf is an American television producer, talent manager, and film director. He is best known as the creator, executive producer and head writer of the NBC/Universal police procedural Law & Order. He has also been credited with creating the Law & Order franchise and remains its executive producer through Universal Television. As he developed as a writer, Dick Wolf was able to successfully turn his love and passion for film into a career in the industry.

Dick Wolf got his start in television as a copywriter, but it was his love of film that led him to write screenplays. He went on to write the screenplays for many of Hollywood’s most popular and successful films, including “School Ties,” “Gas,” and “The Super.”

Wolf Entertainment:

Wolfs’ entertainment career began in 1972 with the second-season premiere of Columbo. Since then, Wolf has been involved with the creation of twelve television series, eleven of which are still in production. His longest-running series are Law & Order (1990-2010) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999-present); both of which have been nominated for more than 100 Emmy awards, and Law & Order won several times.


He has been running a very successful business ever since he started it, and this success has enabled him to lead a luxurious lifestyle. It’s the house that the hard-nosed, take no prisoner, lawyer from Law and Order built. Wolf is a multi-millionaire with properties in Los Angeles & New York valued at millions of dollars. He has made his fortune by producing multiple hit shows on television for more than thirty years. Dick Wolf’s long residence in nearby Montecito, on a two-estate compound of nearly 5-acres, played an important role in his success as an entertainment producer.

House dick wolf
House Dick Wolf

Top 10 Movies Name:

Film NameYear
No Man’s Land1987
School Ties1992
Twin Towers2003
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee2007
Naked Singularity2021
When You’re Strange2009
No Man’s Land1987

Dick Wolf Books:

Wolf is an accomplished author with four books to his name. His writing covers a range of topics, from historical fiction to crime thrillers. Whether you’re looking for something to keep you entertained on a long flight or something to keep you up at night, Wolf has a book for you.

  • The Intercept.
  • Law & Order: Crime Scenes.
  • The Ultimatum.
  • The Execution.

Car Collection:

Always one to discuss and promote his cars, Dick Wolf is a talented and busy television producer. Dick Wolf is a real car guy and he loves to collect his cars. He enjoys driving his vintage Fords and using them for television shoots. Dick Wolf attends different car auctions to buy the best vehicles for his hit crime dramas. He is seen at different people’s homes, or in a hotel or near the auction, and he sees which cars are the best value.


Wolf has received many awards and honors throughout his career, including a 3 time Emmy Award, 1 time Grammy award, Producers Guild of America Award, Norman Lear Award, PGA television Producer award.

Awards NameYear
Outstanding Drama Series1997
Grammy Award for Best Music Film2011
Outstanding Made for Television Movie2007
International Emmy Founders Award2008
Producers Guild of America Award for Best Long-Form Television2008
Special Edgars Award2003
Norman Lear Award2008
Producer – Episodic TV1997

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Asked Some Questions About The Dick Wolf Net Worth, and His Life

How much does Dick Wolf earn per year?

He has earned $70 Million per year.

How much does Dick Wolf earn per month?

He has earned $10-15 Million per month.

How much does Dick Wolf earn per day?

He has earned $330,000 – $490,000 Million per day.

What is the real name of Dick Wolf?

Richard Anthony Wolf!

Is dick wolf Currently single or married?

Our records do not show any recent relationships or marriages.

Who Is the Chairman of the wolf entertainment?

Dick Wolf is the chairman of Wolf Entertainment.

How to started his television career Dick wolf?

He has gone on to create some of the most successful television shows of all time, including Law & Order and Chicago Fire, but his television career started with Hill Street Blues.

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