Rooney Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Career, And Biography

rooney net worth
Net Worth$170 Million Rooney Net Worth
Age37 years Old
Date of BirthOctober 24, 1985
ProfessionSoccer Player
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorLight Brown
Birth CityLiverpool, England
NationalityBritish, English

Who Is Rooney?

One of the greatest English footballers of all time is Wayne Rooney. He has won every significant club award with Manchester United and has excelled in international competition. He also holds the record for most goals scored in the Premier League. Around $170 million is thought to be Rooney net worth. He now ranks among the wealthiest soccer players in the world. His income as a professional soccer player, endorsement deals, and other business endeavours all contribute to his wealth.

Wayne Rooney is still one of the most successful and wealthy soccer players in the league today, despite the fact that he may not be as well-known as certain other players like Lionel Messi, Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Rooney Biography

Rooney Childhood:

On October 24, 1985, in the Liverpool neighbourhood of Croxteth, Wayne Mark Rooney was born. He is the youngest of Thomas Wayne Rooney and Jeanette Marie (née Morrey) Rooney’s four kids. His mother is from Liverpool, while his father is of Irish ancestry and labourer. Wayne Rooney went to primary school at Our Lady and St. Swithin’s in Everton, where the Rooney family resided. He participated in local youth football team Copplehouse Boys Club as a youngster. Up until 2003, when he signed with Manchester United at the age of 18, he continued to grow at Everton.


John and Graham, Rooney’s younger brothers, are also actors. He is incredibly close to them both and frequently expresses his joy for being a big brother. Rooney is incredibly proud of his brothers and everything they have accomplished.


The fact that Coleen Rooney is married to former England captain Wayne Rooney makes her most famous. The couple has four kids together and has been married since 2008. Even though Coleen frequently observes her husband’s football games, she has also built out a lucrative career for herself as a businesswoman and television personality. The duo has made headlines lately for their troubled marriage, with rumours of adultery and domestic abuse dominating the media. The Rooneys continue to be among the most well-known couples in Britain despite their difficulties.

rooney family

Rooney As A Manage

The most important qualities a good football manager needs is dedication and perseverance. Also, they must have extensive knowledge of the game and a firm understanding of tactics and formations. This is because they are the ones who decide when and where the players will be placed on the field throughout the game and the outcomes can be life-altering. To become a football manager you must possess the ability to make quick and effective decisions during a game. In addition, being a good manager involves an understanding of human nature and the ability to relate to your players on a personal level. This is not as easy as it sounds, but with practice and dedication, anyone can achieve these qualities.

He has two books out: My Story So Far and My Decade in the Premier League, and he has his own clothing line with ASDA.

Rooney Career

Rooney has drawn criticism for not reaching his full potential on the international level, despite being largely regarded as one of the best players of his generation. Throughout his career, he has also been at the centre of a number of issues, including claims of an affair and numerous traffic violations. Nevertheless, he continues to be one of the most well-known and recognisable faces in English football, and in 2020, he was included in lists of the 50 Greatest Players of the Premier League Era and the 100 Players Who Shook The Premier League.

Rooney Records

Rooney, who is regarded as one of the best players of his time, holds the record for both the most goals scored for the England national team and Manchester United as well as the most appearances by an outfield player for that squad. Wayne Rooney is the second-top scorer of all time in the Premier League with 208 goals.

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Asked Some Questions About The Rooney Net Worth, And His Personal Life

How much does Rooney earn per year?

He has earned $3.5Million Per Year.

How much does Rooney earn per month?

He has earned $270,600.00 per month.

How much does Rooney earn per week?

He has earned $61,500 per week.

How much does Rooney earn per day?

He has earned $8,757 per day.

What is the real name of Rooney?

Wayne Mark Rooney!

What was Rooney’s purchase price at Man United?

After excelling in the Premier League as a teenager and for England in the 2004 World Cup, Rooney signed for United in a £27.5 million transfer.

How many goals did Rooney have in international matches?

Rooney had 53 goals in 120 international matches.

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