Sergio Carrallo Net Worth 2023: Career, Age, And Personal Life

Sergio Carrallo
Sergio Carrallo
Net Worth$5 Million
Age28 Years Old
Date of BirthSeptember 28, 1994
Height1.8 M
Weight79 Kg
Eyes ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Father NameAntonio Pérez Garibay
Mother NameMrs. Carrallo
SiblingsOne sister
Birth CityMadrid, Spain


In this article, we will delve into the biography of Sergio Carrallo, discussing various aspects such as his age, height, weight, zodiac sign, girlfriend, wife, nationality, career, achievements, favorite things, hidden facts, Sergio Carrallo net worth, and more.

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Who Is Sergio Carrallo?

Sergio Carrallo is a prominent figure in Spain, known for his successful endeavors as a businessman, former football player, social media influencer, celebrity husband, television personality, and entrepreneur. He gained widespread recognition during his time as a player for the renowned Real Madrid Football Club. Adding to his notable associations, Sergio Carrallo is married to Caroline Stanbury, a well-known TV personality and model.

Sergio Carrallo Net Worth

Sergio Carrallo immense wealth is the result of his multiple successful careers. Initially a professional football player, he later ventured into the realms of digital marketing and business entrepreneurship. Furthermore, our analysis, along with information from Wikipedia, suggests that Sergio Carrillo net worth is projected to reach around $6 million by 2023. In total, their combined wealth is estimated to exceed $31 million, with his wife’s celebrity status contributing an additional $25 million to their fortunes.

Sergio Carrallo Career

According to rumors, Sergio Carrallo embarked on his career as a professional soccer player, transitioning to the professional soccer leagues in 2012. He notably played for Real Madrid’s under-19 team during his time as a footballer and participated in various domestic leagues and tournaments. However, in 2018, he made the decision to retire from professional athletics.

Following his retirement from football, Sergio Carrallo pursued other interests and hobbies. He relocated to the Golden State, California, where he not only established himself as a successful businessman but also ventured into podcasting. Additionally, he gained recognition through his appearances on the show Divorced Not Dead. Alongside these endeavors, Sergio and his wife jointly operate a popular video-sharing channel on which they share content. The channel, known as SC & Family, has garnered a significant following.

Personal Life

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that Sergio Carrallo gained global recognition as the renowned husband of Caroline Stanbury. Their initial encounter took place in Newport Beach, California, and they began dating shortly thereafter, nurturing their relationship over time. In January 2021, they happily announced their engagement, and without delay, they tied the knot on November 11, 2021.

Sergio Carrallo WIfe
Sergio Carrallo Wife

Interestingly, they opted for a discreet wedding ceremony held on the beautiful island of Mauritius. The news of their marriage remained under wraps until December of that same year. Caroline Stanbury, however, is now married to Cem Habib, making Sergio her former husband. Caroline and Cem have started a family together, blessed with three children: Aaron Habib, Yasmine Habib, and Zac Habib. As for Sergio’s romantic history, there is currently no available information.

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