SSSniperwolf Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Family, Biography

sssniperwolf net worth

SSSniperwolf Net Worth

Net Worth$6 Million SSSniperwolf Net Worth
Age29 Years Old
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1992
Height5 ft 4inch
Weight52 Kg
ProfessionYoutuber, Gamer, Vlogger
Birth CityLiverpool, England, United Kingdom
Current CityLas Vegas, Nevada, United States.
NationalityAmerican, and British

Who Is SSSniperwolf?

Sssniperwolf is a 22-year-old, self-taught video game developer and Twitch streamer who grew up in Liverpool. She is a gaming enthusiast and an active player of different video games. She explores a variety of topics in live streams on YouTube to connect with his audience and show them how they can improve their real life skills. The sssniperwolf net worth of the video game developer is $8 million.

SSSniperwolf has a huge following on different social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to her trading skills, she is also a skilled programmer who has worked with different development companies.

SSSniperwolf Personal Life


SsniperWolf is an extremely popular female Youtuber, who was born in the United Kingdom in October 22, 1992. She currently lives in Los Angeles. She has been an active member of the gaming community since her youth, making her a well known figure among the community. The rise of her popularity came with a new nickname: SSssniperWolf. SsniperWolf’s childhood has been filled with a lot of sadness and hardship but has also seen her fight back against the odds. SsniperWolf has had a very tough childhood, but she is still determined to find happiness in this world. She always makes herself and friends laugh with her sarcastic humor and says the funniest things.


Ms. SniperWolf’s parents are Mrs. Shelesh and Mr. Shelesh. The parents of Mr. and Mrs. Sniperwolf are happy and have four children, one of which is my wife. They have been fortunate to have a long and successful marriage. SniperWolf herself. She is one of four children in her family, Her younger siblings include Bakir and Paul, who are two years older than Ranya, and her little sister Ranya. SSSniperwolf’s mother and father share a friendly, amiable relationship. She has a large family, a family that she is extremely close with, a family that she loves. Her family and upbringing shaped who she is today.

SSSniperwolf Brothers, And Sister
SSSniperwolf Brothers, And Sister

Her father’s name is Mr. Shelesh who is a businessman by profession and her mother’s name is Mrs. Shelesh. She’s a huge fan of the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler and she loves to draw. She loves her father unconditionally, as she got him when she was young.


Growing up in a family of young achievers and entrepreneurs, SSSniperWolf was inspired early on to pursue her passion in education. SSSniperWolf studied at a local community college during her peak career, even though she did not attend university. SSW graduated from a local high school in Liverpool, England.


Sssniperwolf started her career as a gamer in 2013 and has since become one of the most popular content creators on YouTube. After years of experience in the gaming field, Sssniperwolf decided to focus on providing valuable games that work on all devices. With over 10 million subscribers, she is best known for her gaming videos and vlogs. However, she also has a successful merch line and has appeared in several web series and commercials.


Sssniperwolf is reportedly single at the time of writing, but has previously been linked romantically to Evan Sausage. The pair have been seen on several occasions throughout the past few years, although it remains unclear whether they are still together or not. They broke up in 2018 but remain on good terms. Sssniperwolf has since been linked to fellow YouTuber, DramaAlert host Daniel Keem.

Boyfriend: Evan Sausage
Boyfriend: Evan Sausage

Game Competition:

She career started as a gamer, after she entered a video game competition. The competition was held by GamersOutreach and enabled contestants to compete for a $150 cash prize. Sssniperwolf won first place and received the money from Gamers Outreach, which enabled her to pursue her dreams of becoming an elite gamer and creator of the best content on YouTube.

Mission Statement:

The aim of SS Sniperwolf is to empower children and youth by promoting self-confidence and awareness in a variety of ways. Through video games, exhibitions and cultural events, we want to teach children at a young age how to use their imagination, express themselves creatively and reflect on their actions. Our website offers parents a place where they can find useful information about their children’s education.


Congratulations to the best gamer of the year 2020. SSSniperwolf has won the favorite gamer award and she is nominated for best mobile game at the Kids Choice Awards 2020.

Win Kids Choice Award
Win Kids Choice Award

Social Profiles:

She has over 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.5 millon followers on Facebook and over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.


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Asked Some Questions About SSSniperwolf Net Worth, and His Life

How much will SSSniperwolf net worth In 2022?

SSSniperwolf is an famous youtuber, gamer, vloger women, who has an estimated net worth of $6 Million as of 2022.

How much earn SSSniperwolf net worth earn per Year?

She has earned $1 Million + million per year.

How much earn SSSniperwilf net worth earn per month?

She has earned $80,000 + per year.

What is the real name of SSSniperwolf?

Alia Shelesh!

When did change the name Alia Shelesh to SSSniperwolf?

Her first name was Sheila, but she changed it to Sssniperwolf when she joined the game “Hearthstone.” She plays both Starcraft II and Hearthstone.

What is the first youtube chanel of the SSSniperwolf?

Sexysexysniper! is first youtube chanle of the SSSniperwolf.

What is the first shooter game created of the SSSniperwolf?

In 2013, she created one of the first F2P shooter games on Steam, and went on to create her own original game called ”The Luxury” which featured space combat elements.

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