Tom Selleck Net Worth 2023: Age, Career, And Personal Life

Tom Selleck Net Worth$50 Million
Age78 years Old
Date of BirthJanuary 29, 1945
ProfessionActor, Producer
Height1.93 m
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Birth CityDetroit, Michigan

Who Is Tom Selleck?

The life of Thomas William Selleck is described in this book. Tom Selleck net worth of $50 million who has a is an American actor and film producer.  You’ll discover how he rose to stardom in great films and TV series like Magnum, P.I., Three Men and a Baby, and Quigley, starting from his early childhood days through his growing up years and into maturity. Benefit of the Doubt and Blue Bloods from Down Under, by Jesse Stone.

Tom Selleck is a handsome actor with an amazing mustache. His mustaches are so famous that people from all over the world have tried to copy him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look as good as the original. The app helps you to know more about the actor including his famous mustache and his professional life.

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Personal Life of Tom Selleck

Early Life:

Martha and Robert Dean Selleck welcomed Thomas William Selleck into the world on January 29, 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. Tom, a young man from Sherman Oaks, California, is the subject of this narrative. Tom was only three years old when his family relocated to Sherman Oaks. Later, he used a scholarship to play basketball for the University of Southern California. Tom has achieved success in business and philanthropy today.


Tom Selleck was married to model Jacqueline Ray for 11 years, beginning in May 1971. The couple had one child together, a son named Kevin. Selleck and Ray divorced in 1982.

For more than 30 years, Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack have been wed. Three Men on a Horse, a successful West End show, is where the pair first got together in 1983. Tom was portraying one of the roles, and Jillie was his love interest. When Tom was offered a part on the popular TV show Magnum P.I., which meant he would be gone from his house for extended periods of time, his marriage was almost called off. Nevertheless, Jillie stood by her guy and has done so for the entirety of his career spanning five decades.

Kevin and Hannah, two of Tom Selleck’s older children, make him a proud father. He enjoys spending time with his kids whenever it is feasible and is proud of all that they have accomplished. He is aware, though, that raising kids isn’t always simple and that sometimes they need their own place.

Tom Selleck Career

Tom Selleck is only one of the many actors that have been in the CBS Series. He is best known for playing Magnum P.I. in the 1980s hit television series. At the age of 21, Tom Selleck launched his career in Hollywood, California. He has since enjoyed a very fruitful career. His performances in films and television productions including Three Men and a Baby, Quigley Down Under, Mr. Baseball, In and Out, and others have made him well known. He is also well-known for his more recent work on the CBS television series Blue Bloods.

He became well-known as a result of the 1981–1988 television series Magnum, P.I. Additionally, he had appearances in a number of films and TV shows, including Blue Bloods, Quigley Down Under, and Three Men and a Baby (2010-present). In 1984, he won a Golden Globe for best actor in a television drama, and in 2010, he won an Emmy for best lead actor in a drama series.

Asked Some Questions About The Tom Selleck Net Worth, And His Personal Life

How much does Tom Selleck earn per year?

He has earned $6 Million + Per Year.

How much does Tom Selleck earn per month?

He has earned $0.5 Million + per month.

How much Tom Selleck Net Worth in 2022?

Tom Selleck net net worth is $50 Million as of 2022.

What is the real name of Tom Selleck?

Thomas William Selleck.

What is the name of Tom Selleck Parents?

Father:  Bob Selleck
Mother: Martha S. Jagger

How many siblings of Tom Selleck?

Robert Selleck, born in 1944, Martha Selleck, born in the 1940s, and his younger brother Daniel, born in 1950, are his three siblings.

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