Ben Baller Net Worth 2023: Age, Career, And Biography

ben baller net worth

Ben Baller Net Worth

NameBen Baller
Net Worth$100 Million Ben Baller Net Worth
Age49 Years Old
Date of BirthJanuary 27, 1973
ProfessionActor, Jewler
Birth CityLos Angeles, California, United States

Who Is Ben Baller?

Who is Ben Baller? Ben Baller is an aspiring rapper with a heart of gold. His music is his way to express himself and what he’s been through. He’s participated in several events in his city, helping the homeless through food drives, as well as other skills he has that he offers to his community. He has a lot of passion for the rap industry and wants to have a positive impact on the world. Ben Baller Net Worth is estimated at $100 Million US.

It’s good to know that he is out there as a positive role model for people to look up to. Ben provides several services to his clients, but the ones that constantly garner the most attention are his jeweler and woodworking businesses.

Ben Baller Personal Life


Be was born on March 19th to proud parents in Detroit. Growing up in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood, he was both frustrated and inspired by the entertainment industry. He was born in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Ben was born to a black mother and a native american father, who adopted him and took him to America as a young man. At the age of 15, he moved to New York City with his mom so she could apprentice at Philip K.

Ben Baller Childhood is inspired by memories and stories which I have seen on tumblr or instagram of people who are familiar with me,” Baller said. He was one of the best friends of Kanye West in their youth and also a rapper.


His parents are the famous people of America and Japan. Ben Baller’s parents are successful Northside Los Angeles natives. Ben was always a voracious reader and writer and by the time he went to UCLA, he had a serious interest in politics. His parents were both very successful in their own rights, so there was never any pressure growing up to go into business like they did.


Ben Baller is in the middle of his professional career and is happily married to wife: Nicolette Lacson. He has been seen with his beautiful wife when he celebrates Valentine’s day, Christmas and at various other occasions. The couple first met when Mr. Baller was living in Oregon and Miss Lacson was working as an Assistant State Attorney in Los Angeles.” Ben Baller is married to Nicolette Lacson, who he met while they were both students at UCLA.

Nicolette Lacson: She is a model and bikini designer, who has been active in the industry for more than 20 years. She has worked with numerous brands, including Guess and Tommy Hilfiger.


Ben and Nicolette Lacson are an inspiration to all parents who have young ones at home. Their three children, London, Ryder, and Kaia, are the light of their lives. Inspired by the joys and challenges of raising three young children, Ben Baller and Nicolette Lacson created a line of pajamas for kids with a touch of modern sophistication. Ben Baller’s Kids clothing is crafted with a playful sense of whimsy that adheres to the parent’s unique style. A must-have product for the modern family looking to stay grounded while still maintaining their personal ideal.

ben baller family
Ben Baller Family

Brother, and Sister:

Ben Baller, the brother of David yang is a famous rapper with a very successful record label and husband to stunning model Heika. Ben Baller is a self-made man who has been able to achieve great success in rap, songwriting and in fashion. Since he is the younger brother of David Yang, he is often mistaken for him and causes many problems in his life. His older sister Jeanne Yang is also a celebrity stylist who worked with several world-famous women including Madonna and Kate Moss.


He has completed his education at Beverly Hills High School and went on to study at the San Francisco State University. Ben Baller is an entrepreneur and a student. At the age of 11 he had started his first business selling paper to his classmates at school. He later studied at Beverly Hills High School and then went on to attend San Francisco State University. In addition, studied jewellery at the College of New Art, where he earned his degree.


His professional career started out in 2007 when he got hired by Guess. He was quickly promoted up the ladder and became their marketing director before becoming the face of their jewelry line. Despite his success there, though, Ben Baller decided to leave and form his own brand two years later – but not before proving that he was one hell of a mentor.

Ben Baller Jewellery Shop
Ben Baller Jewellery Shop

Social Profiles:

Ben Baller is a hip-hop social media personality and gets into the life of many hip hop artists.Known for his sharp wit, as well as his music videos and conversations with fellow rappers.

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Asked Some Questions About Ben Baller Net Worth, and His Life

How much does Ben Baller earn per year?

He has earned $10 Million per year.

How much does Ben Baller earn per month?

He has earned $1 Million per month.

What is the real name of Ben baller?

Ben Yang!

Is Ben Baller makes a jewelry for anyone for a celebrity?

Ben Baller is known for his flawless designs and custom pieces for just about everyone in the game, including Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator, Drake.

what is the ben baller parents name?

Ben Baller’s parents’ names are not known at this time. He is just a child and we don’t know anything about his parents. We hope that he has a bright future in music.

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